Coffee so smooth you won't need milk to drink it.

So, I'm here, writing my first official blog for this store.  Amazingly enough I'm not a big coffee (and never tea) drinker.  Why? Well, I'll tell you....

First of all I grew up in the Florida.  Way too hot to drink hot liquids.  So going up I drank diet/regular soda for my caffeine source.  As I got older, the heat of FL drove me up North, to Connecticut, to be exact.  There, because it was COLD, I discovered coffee.

I started with cappuccinos.  Lots of milk and sugar.  I'm talking like 5 sugars.  This made coffee palatable to me.  Eventually, I managed to make my way down to coffee. However, with coffee I need A LOT of cream and still 5 sugars in order to drink it.  I cannot stand how BITTER to coffee tastes and cream/milk is what alleviates the bitterness of the coffee.

Given all the cream and sugar necessary for my coffee, I limit how much I drink to the occasional cup and still use diet soda as my primary caffeine source.

Well, I've recently discovered Turkish Coffee.  OMG!!!  Amazing!!!  It's not bitter.  Not one bit.  There's a secret to Turkish Coffee.  It is made at a lower temperature that regular coffee, espresso, etc.  

The Secret: Don't boil the water.  If the water is too hot, the coffee become bitter.  I discovered this myself when I accidently left it unattended too long and the water boiled.  The coffee was AWFUL and BITTER.  Yuck!!!

So, what made me decided to try Turkish Coffee, well this 'starter' kit I found.  It's a half a pound of coffee and a single serving 'coffee pot'.  From the video I posted on how to make Turkish Coffee, you can either use water or milk.  I started out using milk because of previous experience.  After the first cup and need to buy a bigger 'coffee pot' as one small cup wasn't going to be enough.

Well after discovering how much I and my 16 year old son loved this coffee, we ran out of milk.  Well, so I decided to make it without milk.  To our amazement, we could drink and actually enjoy this coffee without milk.  YEAH!!! So, I've been making this coffee each morning every since. 

The Drawback: It's takes like 20 minutes to make a cup of this coffee. Yes, it takes that long...I heat the water for up to 15 minutes with a thermometer in the pot to ensure it doesn't get too hot.  Then, pour it into a mug, not allowing the bulk of the coffee grounds to fall into the mug.  Then wait, 5+ minutes for the remaining coffee grinds to settle into the bottom of the cup and for the coffee to cool off enough for me to drink it. (again, remember, I'm not a big coffee drinker and I always end up burning my mouth if the coffee is too hot.)

I'm now tempted to buy an Automatic Turkish Coffee Maker.  I've got several listed in my store and really need to determine if it's worth the price.


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